FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am about putting kids first! I am for optional masks and in-person school and online school.
We have to provide the best possible options for learning then allow parent’s choice regarding
these options for their students.

Like masks, vaccines needs to remain a personal choice made by parents and their students.

There is no place for CRT in our schools. We need to be focused on the fundamentals of

Each student, class, and school have different needs making it essential that I listen to parents,
teachers, kids, and administrators.
I have asked this same question to several principals and teachers I’ve met with recently while
visiting schools in Zone 1. It is interesting, and not surprising, that the culture and student
needs differ, sometimes greatly, from school to school. That’s why asking principals and
teachers what they need is essential.
At one high school I was told they plan to have after-school tutoring and Saturday tutoring to
help their students catch up in core classes. When I asked another high school the same
question they explained after-school and Saturday tutoring would not be supported by their
students. That school stated they need help during the day, perhaps in the form of paid
professionals assisting in classes to give students opportunities for more one on one learning.
Our school principals have meetings during the month that as Board Trustees I could attend. I
could continue listening to the individual needs of each student body. In the past 13 years of
assisting my kids through the West Ada schools I have found the most successful solutions to
issues have come from getting teachers and parents together with administration. Solutions
are found with all of these voices in the room working for our kids. As a parent talking to
teachers and administration I have found we all want the same thing … for the kids to be
successful! The school board’s role isn’t to reign, it’s to represent. This can only be done when
meeting with, listening to, and asking questions of our parents, teachers, kids, and

-Always fight to get as much money as possible to our teachers and schools.

-Put our kids and all aspects of their education first.  Provide the opportunity for in person school, sports, activities, and clubs.

-Visit with each school in zone 1 quarterly. Attend district principal meetings monthly. Communicate with parents, kids and teachers through social media, email and phone calls throughout the week and utilize town hall meetings as needed.