“A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action”
-Toby Keith

I am running for School Board because I believe we need to put our kids first. Our parents, kids, teachers, and community members need to be listened to and have their views represented on our board.  Our families need appropriate educational options and agency to choose the best learning environment for their student. I have been raised in Idaho with strong Idaho values.  I have had first hand experience and influence with policy decisions in school. I have worked closely with students and teachers in the classroom and in the community. I am excited to represent the great people of Zone 1 in the West Ada School District and would appreciate your vote on November 2, 2021.

Meet Lori


My husband Joe and I grew up in southeastern Idaho, and with our kids, have lived in Meridian for the past 16 years. We both graduated from Idaho State University.  I received a degree in Business Management and my husband a degree in Secondary Education, although he is not currently teaching.  We have two great kids. Our daughter graduated from Rocky Mountain High School and our son will be attending Owyhee High School this fall.

We have loved living in Meridian and have found the people of this community fantastic! We live in a beautiful area with strong Idaho values.  I have been able to speak to many in Zone 1 over the past few years, as I have engaged in many school and community activities.  Two years ago as a new grading system was implemented at Rocky Mountain High School, I had the opportunity to work with administration, teachers, parents, the school board and our students. As we brought these groups together solutions were found and policies changed creating a better learning and teaching environment. I feel confident we share a desire to stand up for the things we know to be best and as we work together our kids, our schools, and our community will be strengthened.  


Kids First

In every decision the well-being of our kids must be put first. They need to know that we all want them to succeed and receiving a meaningful education is the priority of our district.   


School is Essential

In person learning is an option that must be available for students. Remote learning does not work for many of our kids. Our teachers are professionals. Students need in person access to their expertise with the ability to ask and receive real time assistance. Students socializing with peers face-to-face stimulates their mind to produce engaged learning. Sports and activities are critical to students’ mental and physical health effecting their performance in the classroom and among their peers. This past year’s absence of many of these opportunities has proven to be detrimental in all aspects of these students’ lives. I support parental choice for masks and vaccines. 


We have a fabulous community! We have dedicated parents, teachers, kids and administration. The school board is meant to represent the interests of these groups, not to rule over them. Electronic surveys, in-person town hall meetings, and one-on-one conversations give opportunities to be heard and these need to be made a priority. I will have many opportunities for community members to share concerns and engage in dialog with me to ensure their needs and values are heard.

Local Control

Kids need to have appropriate learning options and schools need to have the flexibility to cater to their student body. Each school boundary has different types of students with unique needs. It is important we allow the principal, teachers, parents, and kids in each school the ability to make decisions for themselves. As options are made available including on line school, and in person learning our West Ada families are given autonomy to make the decision best for their students.  

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